Boundary with Off-limits Garden

A boundary can exclude specific areas such as gardens or pools.

Single Side Boundary

Often a boundary needs to be only one side.  Though fences can be easily jumped or dug under, a boundary attached to the fence makes it  impervious.

Over Roof Boundary

A layout like this takes advantage of rain gutters to run the wire.  One potential disadvantage of this layout is your pets upstairs visits may be restricted.


We can use flexible landscape tubing to allow you to adjust the boundary to fit your future needs.

Front to Back Restricted

Running the boundary close to a natural barrier such as the side of a house will keep your pet from running between boundaries.  This is helpful when expecting visitors at the front and keeping your pet in the back.

Backyard Only

This is a very common boundary set up.  For pets not allowed in the front yard, this makes sense.  Also, it can increase the depth of the boundary for those more stubborn pets.  We guarantee containment and this is one of the tricks we use assure your pets safety.