Professional Installation Means More Security For Your Pet.

As licensed general contractor, PetSitter is the most qualified installer in San Diego.  From laying wire through thorny landscaping to cutting concrete and resealing it, we have done and can do… it all.

Laying out the wire is the single most time consuming part of installing a system.  First and foremost, it must loop back to itself.  A single wire ending somewhere in your back yard will not work.  It has to return to the point of origin.

There are a number of techniques we use to accomplish this.  One of the most important is to twist the wire tightly so your pet can walk safely near the transmitter origin.

Check out the drawings on this page to see how we might install in your yard.

Concrete Cutting

Often, enclosing an area completely means going across a sidewalk or a driveway.  San Diego Pet Fence does not just lay the wire across the concrete.  We find an expansion joint, cut it with out concrete say, lay the wire and then reseal the joint so the wire does not show and it stays put.