PetSitter’s Fence Sytstems


  • The Little Bruiser collar weighs in at just a tad over 1 ounce. This is the perfect choice for small dogs and mild tempered large dogs. It is the receiver collar of choice for a cat fence (Yes, we contain cats as well.). From the smallest of dogs and cats to even medium and large sized dogs, this is one of the greatest technological advancements in the electronic pet fence industry.
  • The Big Bubba collar weighs only 1.5 ounces!  It has the strongest correction for its size in the industry! It will contain even the most determined dogs.   PetSitter watches over them when you can’t.  We guarantee it!
  • Both electronic collars carry a limited lifetime warranty on the electronics. You will never have to worry about buying a replacement collar again due to failed electronics again!
  • State of the art digital technology to insure the collars will not activate on false signals.
  • All our collars have an automatic fail safe feature so if a pet gets caught in the field, the units will stop correcting after 13 or 25 seconds and go into tone only mode.
  • The receivers can be programmed to different correction levels. This allows our trainers to customize the receiver to the personality of your pet.
  • PetSitter monitors how many times a pet tests the field in a 20 minute period. If the pet tests 3 times in this period, it will automatically adjust to the next higher correction setting.
  • Another benefit is our  battery alert for the receiver. The receiver can be programmed to “tone only” if the battery drops below a set voltage. This is another fail safe device to prevent your pet from running away from the property.
  • Made in the USA. We all do what we can for our country because it is our home.
  • PetSitter transmitter electronics have the largest range in the industry.  Others force you to purchase multiple transmitters to cover more than two acres.  PetSitter will cover up to 50 acres!



When you need to keep your pet indoors, away from your valuable couch or just away from the kitty litter (Yuck!), our indoor transmitter will work with either of our collars to limit your pet’s unsafe forays.

  • It does not need the outdoor electric pet fence to do its job. It can keep your pets out of unwanted areas by itself.
  • You can keep your pet’s from scratching expensive doors as doors can cost in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars.
  • Hate coming into the kitchen and finding trash everywhere? Not a problem.
  • Can’t figure out how all the hair gets on your favorite chair? Strategic placement of the Portable cures all ills magically!
  • Your cat sneaks along the kitchen counter tasting snacks with your back turned? Cured!
  • Need to keep your dog or cat out of a room? It can be done easily.
  • Need to keep them contained in a certain area of your home? This can be done too.

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